HIV Peer Programs 2015

To access any of the programs detailed below.
Please fill in your contact details at the end of this page
Or contact me directly on 0421482584 (Australia) or email
Access to all programs is strictly confidential.

HIV Peer Education & SupportIf you would like to meet another person with HIV and receive up to date education on; HIV101, pro sexuality approaches, HIV and the law, prevention, treatments, how to access services in WA,  and meet other modern HIV challenges.
Then contact Cipriano Martinez 0421482584 for a confidential appointment.

Positive Leadership and Empowerment– The Positive Advocate believes in empowering individuals with the necessary skills to be their own best advocacy champion. Annually we coordinate workshops (e.g. assertive communication, change management) that assist in building the capacity of individuals so that they are able to meet their challenges with confidence and to obtain their best outcomes. Register you interest now to find out about our capacity building workshops.

Pro Bono Coaching Services –  Insight coaching is deep professional alliance where a coach believes in you and through a process of discovery, exploration and self commitment, you allow your best most loving self to emerge and be. If your ready for growth in any aspect of your life then coaching can be a powerful tool to realise your dreams/goals. Currently we have three remaining spaces available for people with HIV who are interested in receiving pro bono coaching services, be quick so you don’t miss out.


Beach Program – We get together in a small group and provide a safe and confidential environment for you to explore and recover that which is your best. The group meets at the beach where we incorporate connection to the natural environment to further insights into ourselves and progress our personal development.

Facebook contact –You are welcome to add me as a friend to your Facebook.This makes it easier to find out about programs and to make and maintain informal confidential contact.

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