Membership Sponsorship & Support

Membership -Individual
$149 per year, Its easy to become a member of the Positive Advocate, fill in the form at the bottom of the page, I will then send you an application form with the necessary details. Benefits include;
-One Hour Skype Meeting – To discuss HIV related matters of your choosing.
-Free registration to Positive Advocate events including HIV Think Tanks.
-Advocacy support- As you work through an advocacy challenge, we will provide you with your own page on the Positive Advocate site to assist in building your campaign.

Sponsorship – Corporate
$5000 per year, each sponsorship is tailored to each others mutual benefit and requires unique exploration and detailed consideration of the most effective collaboration. Benefits could include
-Conference support, we can assist with welcoming and greeting community members building upon new and existing rapport.
-leadership development, motivational community speakers their truth and triumph over adversity.
-Strategic planning, facilitation and key stakeholder engagement.
-Featured posts, that are of mutual benefit.
-Position Papers, exploring the community perspective and mind set for constructive change.
-Community engagement, the hosting of programs and educational events.
-Research, conduct in depth qualitative interviews to facilitate knowledge and understanding.

Sponsorship – Event, Program, or Feature Post
The value of our programs and events are highly valued. Your are invited to build on this value by sponsoring events, programs or feature posts of mutual benefit. Positive Advocate is open to discuss collaborations that advance the interests of the broader body positive and a compassionate and engaged community. We welcome your positive energy and ideas please fill in the form below to kick start our constructive engagement.

Support – Individual or group
Firstly thank you for considering your support of the Positive Advocate Website. There are many ways in which could assist, below is a list of action.
-Follow the page, click on follow, that way you get the posts instantly sent to your email.
-Feedback, we encourage interaction and like to hear your perspective.
-Attend events, that are of high interest to you or in solidarity with others.
-Participate in our advocacy efforts, now again will ask people to join us in a variety of advocacy actions, it could be anything from filling out a survey, creative thinking, or marching to stand up for each other, the limits depends on our peaceful but creative advocacy enterprise.

Donations Appreciated
Some individuals or groups may have benefited greatly from our efforts and would like to give something. Or you may simply value the work done on behalf of others. Funds donated will remain confidential and invested into the staff and activities of the Positive Advocate. Please fill in the form below so that the required details maybe be sent to you.

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