HIV Cure – An Activists Journey

We owe it to each other to find a cure for HIV, below is some activities I have been involved in.


2014 – Article written for OutinPerth – What Do Want? HIV Cure! When Do We Want It?

2014 – Participating in DARE- International calls.

2014- Attended WAD Parliamentary event in Canberra.

2014 – Doherty Institute – Building Partnerships For AN HIV Cure – Community Round Table – Part or organising committee, steering committee, facilitator and presenter.

2014- NAPWHA AGM Presentation on a Community Perspective on HIV Cure Research

2014 Informal meetings with cure research advocates in Perth.

2014-Attended a NIH conference in Washington DC- Strategies For AN HIV 2014, attended DARE face to face meeting, attended other side meetings.

2014- Towards An HIV Cure : Community Engagement Satellite – Chaired a component on- Media Coverage of HIV Cure Research: Distinguishing Hype from Reality, and Strategies for Responding to Misleading Stories.

2014- Attended The IAS AIDS 2014 Conference in Melbourne – including face to face MDC meeting.

2014 – Attended IAS (International AIDS Society) Towards An HIV Cure Symposium

2014- Through DARE – participation in the MDC HIV Cure Research Training Modules

2014 – Applied and accepted to the DARE (Delaney AIDS Research Enterprise) to find a cure – Community Advisory Board

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