Community Research

We encourage individuals to participate in research, which aims to build knowledge for the benefit of the community. Please find below opportunities that you may be interested in. Also your invited to get involved share your story or develop research opportunities with us, leave your contact details below and we’ll follow up with an initial discussion.

HIV Serconversion Study
This study is about exploring the experiences of people newly diagnosed. This study is conducted by the Kirby Institute and the University of New South Wales amongst others. It is funded by various health departments across the country. The Seroconversion Study Annual Report 2013

Apart from the study which is hot linked into the title, Positive Advocate invited you to share your story. To be contacted please enter your confidential details below.

OPPOSITES ATTRACT is a study of relationships between HIV positive and negative men.

As of the 5th November 2013 the study is not as yet available in Perth for pos neg couple to participate. So here at the Positive Advocate we decided to affirm community wisdom and invite pos neg partners (however you define that) the opportunity to be interviewed and have your story recorded.

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